I don’t have any terrariums (or is it terraria?), I don’t have anything against them but just haven’t jumped on the trend yet. But I have to say I am totally obsessed with the terrarium figurine collection I found from the fine folks at Chive. The figurines are fun and whimsical and make me want to find any possible use for them – terrarium-wise or otherwise.

About the terrarium figurines from Chive:

“Are you looking for a fun and cute way to spruce up your otherwise low-key glass terrarium? Chive offers a variety of unique terrarium figurines for sale. These small decorations are the perfect accent for your mini-glass terrarium and are definitely a conversation starter. Choose from a selection of models including Animals, People, and Woodland Scenics depending on your specific taste. Our miniature terrarium figures make the perfect addition to any glass terrarium or potted plant. Arrange and place them in various spaces throughout your arrangement to create a unique scenery unlike any other. If you are looking for a way to turn your regular terrarium into an amusing one, consider adding these terrarium figurines, suitable for any small-scale glass arrangement.”

Explore the terrarium figurines from Chive here.

Visit Chive online here.