This gift is hard to post about because I received one and I can’ find it available anywhere – so kudos to my friend Sophie who gave it to me. The gift in question is a cute desk-top calendar in the shape of a cat with a different cat for every month propped up on a wooden stand – and it is awesome. The calendar, a work of coolness from the fine folks at Molly & Rex seems to be sold out everywhere. However, you can still find a similar model from Molly & Rex – their 2020 Corgi Wooden Stand Calendar.

About Molly & Rex’s 2020 Corgi Wooden Stand Calendar:

“A pup always brightens our day, and this cute little corgi will help you count yours. Featuring 12 unique designs for each month of the year, there’s sure to be a furry friend always by your side.”

Find the 2020 Corgi Wooden Stand Calendar from Molly & Rex here.

Visit Molly & Rex online here.