Once upon a time I had the chance to inherit an orange couch, but I lost out. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I really wanted an orange couch (and an orange cat, but that is a story for another time). Anyway, all this to say that whenever I see orange furniture I get excited. This happened recently when I spotted the Soto Apartment Chair from the fine folks at Joybird – which is available in many colors, including orange.

About the Soto Apartment Chair from Joybird:

“Yes, it IS possible to get museum-quality style in a size that doesn’t crowd your whole studio apartment. Our perfectly proportioned Soto apartment chair is ideal for pairing with the Soto apartment ottoman as both have significantly lower-profiles than their full-sized counterparts. Inspired by the Danish-modern Selig ‘Z’ chair, this smaller Soto features a narrow silhouette and minimized legroom, true to Danish form.”

I should start with a chair – especially one as elegantly designed as the Soto – a big orange couch may not be the right thing for me right now. But a big orange cat on the other hand…

See the Soto Apartment Chair from Joybird.

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