Continuing my virtual visit back to Wellfleet, MA – today I present a memory of one on my favorite spots, also loved by one of my favorite artists.

SNAPSHOT: Cottages at Wellfleet by Edward Hopper (Originally published Sept. 10, 2019)

The great American artist, Edward Hopper, spent many summers on Cape Cod painting the landscapes and structures of this beautiful place. Among his most iconic works is his 1933 painting, Cottages at Wellfleet (right), which depicts some of the houses along the flats where the world famous Wellfleet oysters are farmed.

I have always loved this painting (heck, I love all of Hopper’s work) and it is a thrill to see the very buildings he saw and painted – still standing where he left them – despite some changes to the dunes and the facades, it is pretty much exactly the same view.

Here is a photo I snapped while walking last week in the footsteps of the great artist – inspired by the same view…