Reading this piece I posted last year referencing a piece in the New York Times celebrating the joys of the outer Cape really made me miss the place even more. (Originally posted Aug. 26. 2019)

TRAVEL: I should have been a travel writer*

When a colleague asked me several months ago about my thoughts for her family vacation on Cape Cod, I sang the praises of the area of the Cape that I love – the part near the tip before Provincetown, especially Wellfleet. Over the months as her vacation came closer, I gave her tips about things to do in addition to the fun of P-Town and the awesome beaches of the National Seashore.

I mentioned the great galleries in Wellfleet, the culinary finds, the theater, the nature walks, and bike trails. I am please to say my colleague and her family had a great time staying in Eastham, and checked out many of my recommendations. Not long after, the New York Times travel section’s Lisa W. Foderaro posted a piece titled 36 Hours on Outer Cape Cod – “Wine-tasting, bird-watching, biking and gallery-hopping: In the Outer Cape towns of Eastham, Wellfleet and Truro, there’s plenty to do both in and out of the water.” It was pretty much the itinerary I gave my colleague and many of the things I will be doing myself when I triumphantly return to Cape Cod in a few weeks for my traditional late summer vacation.

From 36 Hours on Outer Cape Cod in the New York Times: “For more than a century, since agriculture and whaling gave way to tourism, Cape Cod in Massachusetts has attracted vacationers to its many miles of pristine beaches. For those wary of the water after last year’s great white shark attacks, experiences on terra firma abound. There are nature walks and wine tastings, leisurely bike rides and gallery visits, lighthouse tours and shopping. The dining and cultural scenes have broadened, too. One way to narrow the scope of your weekend travels is to concentrate on the Outer Cape towns of Eastham, Wellfleet and Truro, all within the Cape Cod National Seashore, which protects tens of thousands of acres from development.”

Read the full piece 36 Hours on Outer Cape Cod in the New York Times here.

*BTW, I guess I kind of am a travel writer – thanks for supporting Lost Cowboy and all my randomness.