In the whole history of crayons, has anyone ever used up the whole crayon? Inevitably the crayon would break and eventually you would throw it away an move on to a whole new one. This is why today’s find is so brilliant – it skips the stick of crayon that always breaks and moves right to its essence: the Crayon Rocks I found from the fine folks at Letterfolk.

About the Crayon Rocks from Letterfolk:

“Allow your child’s (or your own) creativity to flow with these vibrant, ergonomic crayon rocks. These handcrafted crayons are made from soybean wax in Kentucky and create beautifully textured child artwork similar to oil pastels. Includes 16 non-toxic, soy wax crayons in a cotton muslin bag.”

And seriously, who doesn’t love a muslin bag.

Find the Crayon Rocks from Letterfolk.

Visti Letterfolk online.