One of the coolest gifts I received for Christmas was a set of salt from the fine folks at Duxbury Saltworks. I love salt and I love supporting small businesses – Duxbury Saltworks being a small salt maker from Duxbury, MA south of Boston.

About Duxbury Saltworks:

“Duxbury Saltworks is on a mission to bring pure, 100% natural sea salt and flavorful custom-made sea salt blends to your kitchen counter and dinner table. Since the company’s founding in 2018, a passion for wholesome, well-crafted food has transformed into a growing business that is elevating everyday cooking in an authentic and sustainable way for so many customers. The team of women at Duxbury Saltworks are Makers – we hand-harvest our sea salt – what does this mean? It means we transform sea water from Duxbury Bay in to delightful culinary sea salt flakes.”

Try Duxbury Saltworks out with their Sea Salt Starter Set:

“Adding pure ocean-fresh flavor to your everyday cooking regimen is easy with our Sea Salt Starter Set! It offers everything you need to for everyday cooking and recipe inspiration”

Visit Duxbury Saltworks and their online shop.