I get a lot of mileage out of my line “I haven’t had a date since the Clinton Administration”. This line is meant to be self-effacing and make a joke out of my pathetic romantic history. Well, I have found a way to change this line in a way, now that I have found the dates from the fine folks at Rancho Meladuco.

About Rancho Meladuco:

“Our Date Farm is located in the Coachella Valley, not far from Palm Springs. Rancho Meladuco date farm began with the 4 original trees planted on our ranch decades ago. We shared their delicious fruit with friends and family and were inspired by their wows, oohs and aahs. Our founder, Joan, (a mother of three, home cook, and backyard gardener) decided to expand and begin farming dates. We use traditional farming and harvesting methods, and pack each box by hand. Visit us at the Date Shop in Newport Beach, California.”

Treat yourself and start with a small Loose Pack of Mixed Size Medjool Dates:

“We are now offering a loose packed box of our delicious, caramely medium to large sized dates! These are the same great tasting dates, but smaller in size than the dates we include in our signature hand-packed boxes. They are too nice to lump with our Grinders (which are typically the dry, small, or imperfect looking dates), so we’ve given them their own box and are now making these available separately!”

Visit Rancho Meladuco online.