I have mentioned before that when my friends and I travel together we put all our spending money into a kitty. Kitty being an old school term for a communal pot of money. One of us will carry the kitty around and we will take money out to pay for a meal or admission to an event – really anything we all do together. Over the years it has really worked out well. Also over the years we have used a series of little zipped purses with fun images on them as the holder of the kitty. And yes, we even have had purses with an actual cat on it. But none of them compare to the Red Fortune Cats Purse I found from the fine folks at Miya – purveyors of Japanese tableware and gifts.

About the Red Fortune Cats Purse from Miya:

“The fortune cat pattern on this zippered pouch is meant to bring smiles to your face as well as fortune to your wallet! (results not guaranteed…)”

Find the Red Fortune Cats Purse from Miya.

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