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I can’t wait until I am making regular trips to the office again. I miss being with people and taking the all important midday break to get out for a walk and a little lunch. I actually miss packing lunches and having little picnics when the weather is nice. I would miss this little ritual even more if I had a FlatBox – a lunch bag that opens up to be a nice neat place mat – perfect for spreading out on the grass in the park. Now I have something more to look forward to.

About FlatBox:

“The FlatBox is revolutionizing lunchtime for students and working adults all across the country! This amazing lunch box solves all of the problems that you have from normal lunch boxes. It is allergy-free, 100% machine washable, and easy to transport and store. If you use the FlatBox, you can always rest assured that your food will be free of germs and bacteria, and the portable placemat allows for an allergy-free experience.”

Learn more and visit FlatBox online.

I fell in love with the works of J.M.W. Turner many years ago when I first come across his work in various art books. But when I saw the collection of Turners at the Tate Britain on my trips to London is when I really started appreciating the works and the artist. Now I can enjoy Turner’s great watercolors any time, with Turner Watercolours by David Blayney Brown – who just so happens to be a curator at Tate Britain.

About Turner Watercolours by David Blayney Brown:

“Few can doubt that J.M.W. Turner (1775–1851) was the greatest exponent of British watercolor in its golden age. An inveterate traveler in search of the ideal vista, he rarely left home without a rolled-up, loose-bound sketchbook, pencils, and a small traveling case of watercolors in his pocket. He exploited as no one before him the medium’s luminosity and transparency, conjuring light effects on English meadows and Venetian lagoons and gauzy mists over mountains and lakes. Extraordinary in his own time, he has continued to thrill his countless admirers since. David Blayney Brown, one of the world’s leading experts on Turner, reveals the role watercolors played in Turner’s life and work, from those he sent for exhibition to the Royal Academy to the private outpourings in which he compulsively experimented with light and color, which for a modern audience are among his most radical and accomplished works.”

Turner Watercolours by David Blayney Brown is available from Amazon and fine booksellers everywhere.

It is that point in the winter (no matter where you are) when you really need some comfort food to keep you going. And there is nothing more comforting than a hearty stack of pancakes. Well, maybe there is one thing better: a hearty stack of pancakes topped with the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup I found from the fine folks at Runamok Maple.

About the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup from Runamok Maple:

“We start with our best organic maple syrup and age it in recently emptied Bourbon barrels. The syrup draws in the essence of the Bourbon without the alcohol. Like premium whiskeys, the process takes time, and careful tending. But the result is a sophisticated duo that will become a new classic.”

Find the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup from Runamok Maple.

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I’m long overdue for a return trip to Argentina – it has been way too long. Were it not for this stupid pandemic it would have happened this past November. Well, I can still get a little taste of Argentina with this recipe for Argentinean-Style Beef Empanadas (Empanadas Argentinas) I found from the fine folks at Goya Foods.

About the recipe for Argentinean-Style Beef Empanadas from Goya:

“Empanadas Argentinas are beef empanadas that Argentineans serve as appetizers at parties or as a simple, everyday lunch or dinner. Empanadas Argentinas are always baked instead of fried, so your family can enjoy them regularly, too. Make them in no time with authentic, pre-prepared GOYA® Tapas Hojaldradas – Puff Pastry Dough for Turnovers. These beef empanadas—seasoned like empanadas you find in Buenos Aires—will delight anyone, no matter where you are.”

Find the recipe for Argentinean-Style Beef Empanadas from Goya.

Visit Goya online.

Just in time to serve your special someone a nice Valentine’s Day treat I found the Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Small Heart Plate from the fine folks at Spode.

About the Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Small Heart Plate from Spode:

“The Small Heart Plate is a perfect gift and a great way to serve food for a romantic meal.”

Find the Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Small Heart Plate from Spode.

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There is no shortage of books focussed on the Battle of Britain and the Blitz during World War II. Heck, just books about Winston Churchill and the war years can fill a library wing. The topic is one of great interest to me and I have reviewed many books about it here. However, rarely have I read a book about Britain and the early years of the war that fully engaged me as much as Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 by Alan Allport.

In Britain at Bay, Mr. Allport manages to break new ground by combining the political and military history with the social history and how the country and its people were transformed by the war which still reverberates today.

About Britain at Bay by Alan Allport:

“Here is the many-faceted, world-historically significant story of Britain at war. In looking closely at the military and political dimensions of the conflict’s first crucial years, Alan Allport tackles questions such as: Could the war have been avoided? Could it have been lost? Were the strategic decisions the rights ones? How well did the British organize and fight? How well did the British live up to their own values? What difference did the war make in the end to the fate of the nation? In answering these and other essential questions he focuses on the human contingencies of the war, weighing directly at the roles of individuals and the outcomes determined by luck or chance.”

Britain at Bay by Alan Allport is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

Did you know there was something call Dog Beer? Well there is, the fine folks at Calvin’s Craft make what sounds like a delicious and nutritious Dog Beer. Seriously, reading about Calvin’s Craft Dog Beer makes me want to try it myself. It’s essentially a treat for your pup and not an alcoholic beverage so it’s all good.

About Calvin’s Craft Dog Beer:

“Crack a cold one with your pup! Calvin’s Craft Dog Beer brings the craft brew experience to your furry friend with our special blend of beef broth, vegetables, and herbs. Since all of our ingredients are human-grade and dog-friendly, you don’t have to worry about letting your pup enjoy this.”

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