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Just in time to serve your special someone a nice Valentine’s Day treat I found the Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Small Heart Plate from the fine folks at Spode.

About the Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Small Heart Plate from Spode:

“The Small Heart Plate is a perfect gift and a great way to serve food for a romantic meal.”

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There is no shortage of books focussed on the Battle of Britain and the Blitz during World War II. Heck, just books about Winston Churchill and the war years can fill a library wing. The topic is one of great interest to me and I have reviewed many books about it here. However, rarely have I read a book about Britain and the early years of the war that fully engaged me as much as Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941 by Alan Allport.

In Britain at Bay, Mr. Allport manages to break new ground by combining the political and military history with the social history and how the country and its people were transformed by the war which still reverberates today.

About Britain at Bay by Alan Allport:

“Here is the many-faceted, world-historically significant story of Britain at war. In looking closely at the military and political dimensions of the conflict’s first crucial years, Alan Allport tackles questions such as: Could the war have been avoided? Could it have been lost? Were the strategic decisions the rights ones? How well did the British organize and fight? How well did the British live up to their own values? What difference did the war make in the end to the fate of the nation? In answering these and other essential questions he focuses on the human contingencies of the war, weighing directly at the roles of individuals and the outcomes determined by luck or chance.”

Britain at Bay by Alan Allport is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.