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I have many mirrors around my house, which is funny because I hate looking in the mirror. One thing most of my mirrors have in common is they tend to have funky frames and I use them like any other piece of wall art. So you can imagine what I thought when I came across the Arch Mirror I found from the fine folks at Jungalow.

About the Arch Mirror from Jungalow;

‘Whether your home is a tiny little thang or a place of grandeur, adding a few gold vintage inspired pieces to it is a game changer! This mirror made in Morocco is the perfect addition to your space!’

Find the Arch Mirror from Jungalow.

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With many of us spending more and more time at home these days we have been looking for new ways to entertain ourselves. Early in the pandemic home cooking had a moment but seems to have waned as we all got used to the great treat that is home delivery of just about any food from any restaurant anywhere. Anyway, we can still find those times when we can fit in a little homemade goodies – especially if it is to put off doing some work or chores. Which is why today’s Read is perfectly timed: Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible by Erin Gardner.

About Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible by Erin Gardner:

“Pastry chef and beloved blogger Erin Gardner provides the ultimate guide to procrastibaking with pride and purpose in this inspired collection of 100 recipes, from easy one-hour projects to weekend affairs. From Case-of-the-Mondays Morning Treats, to Late-for-Everything Loaf Cakes and Fear-of-Success Snack Cakes, this book has a chapter for every procrastibaking need, and recipes to satisfy any craving for distraction. Not feeling that work project? Work on some Peanut Butter S’more Bars instead. Term paper due tomorrow? Making some No-Bake Cookies-n-Cream Pie will get the creative juices flowing. Does your mother-in-law have you channeling Scrooge? This calls for a procrasti-masterpiece, like a Gingerbread House…from scratch.”

Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible by Erin Gardner is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

At this time of year, I start thinking about how to bring more plants inside. I have had great success with keeping herbs growing inside so I have them ready to add to my meals all winter long. Now I am into a decorative plant stage which is why I am loving this Ceramic and Leather Planter I found from the fine folks at Light & Ladder – the perfect way to display your favorite succulents.

About the Ceramic and Leather Planter from Light & Ladder:

“Beauty in the rule of threes. The organic and the orderly come together in this trio of porcelain vessels suspended in linear space. The graphic arrangement invites visual experimentation; the porcelain vessels could be filled with vines to play up the vertical, arid succulents for a desert-inspired installation or basil, rosemary and thyme for an indoor herb garden. Strung on vegetable tanned leather straps that will only get more beautiful with time.”

Find Ceramic and Leather Planter from Light & Ladder.

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It is officially autumn now, although it it is still very much summer-like here on the Kansas prairie just across the river from the great city of Kansas City, MO, which means it hot cocoa, hot tea, and mulled cider season. I need new mugs for all of my fall beverages, and the best I have found are the Vintage-Inspired Glazed Stoneware I spotted from the fine folks at Canvas Home.

About the Vintage-Inspired Glazed Stoneware from Canvas Home:

“Our best-selling tinware mugs are now available in four packaged gift sets! Each set includes 4 mugs in assorted seasonal colors. Available for delivery at the start of each season. Mimicking vintage metal-ware, the Canvas Tinware grouping is made of stoneware, complete with realistic distressed edges and a contrasting rim stripe.”

Find the Vintage-Inspired Glazed Stoneware from Canvas Home.

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Good barbecue starts with a good rub and the fine folks at Buxton Hall BBQ know good barbecue. Lucky for us, Buxton Hall BBQ now offers a set of their signature rubs for ribs, chicken, and my favorite, turkey.

About the Buxton & Spicewalla Turkey Rub from Buxton Hall BBQ:

“Whether you’re smoking a turkey breast or roasting the whole bird, this rub will cover all of your poultry seasoning needs. The mildly sweet flavors of fennel seed, along with Spicewalla’s Herbs de Provence, are complemented by a spicy kick of black pepper and make this rub a must-have for turkey, chicken, or pork loin.”

Find the Buxton & Spicewalla Rubs from Buxton Hall BBQ.

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The fine folks at Homesick have a great line of evocative scent candles to put you in the mood of all manner of times and places. As we enter autumn and move inside, of course Homesick have a great collection of their Fall Favorites, like the perfect-for-the-season Pumpkin Picking Candle.

About the Pumpkin Picking Candle from Homesick:

“Vibrant leaves welcoming hayrides and the search for the perfect pumpkin. A cool fall day with hot apple cider and pumpkin spice.”

Find the Pumpkin Picking Candle from Homesick.

Explore Homesick’s full Fall Favorite Collection.

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Another book from my boyhood I revisited this summer is Johnny Tremain by Esther Hoskins Forbes. Growing up in New England around the time of our nation’s Bicentennial celebration I was obsessed with the American Revolution. This novel, which put a young boy in the middle of the action in the early days of the Revolution, was the perfect read at the time. Now, as an adult, I read Johnny Tremain with a different lens and found it as intriguing and entertaining as I did as a youth. Well worth the time for anyone interest in historical fiction – especially when written as a reflection of mid-century America.

About Johnny Tremain by Esther Hoskins Forbes:

“Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain, an apprentice silversmith with a bright future ahead of him, injures his hand in a tragic accident, forcing him to look for other work. In his new job as a horse-boy, riding for the patriotic newspaper The Boston Observer and as a messenger for the Sons of Liberty, he encounters John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Dr. Joseph Warren. Soon Johnny is involved in the pivotal events of the American Revolution, from the Boston Tea Party to the first shots fired at Lexington.”

Johnny Tremain by Esther Hoskins Forbes is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.

My nana used to always say “your belt is only as good as the buckle.” Which is to say you need a good buckle to keep your belt in place. But a belt buckle is also a good way to add some flare to your outfit. Which is why I love the buckles from the fine folks at Hook N Hide – like their English Pointer Buckle.

About the English Pointer Buckle from Hook N Hide:

“Each buckle is handmade from Tumbaga, a blend of silver, gold, and brass. All designs are branded with our HNH signature to ensure origin and numerical lineage. Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight variations will occur. Over time each buckle captures a unique colorful patina emulating the incredible details of this iconic dog.”

Find the English Pointer Buckle from Hook N Hide.

See the entire buckle collection from Hook N Hide.

Visit Hook N Hide online.

It is still technically summer, but fall is definitely in the air and I can’t think of any better way of extending the outdoor season than with a nice fire. Fire pits have been growing in popularity in recent times and there are plenty of options for your outdoor fires. However, I am making the case for investing in a high quality fire option that will last you for years. The best I have found are the fire kettles from the fine folks at Sea Island Forge – like their 30-Gallon Fire Kettle, Stand & Boot Rail.

About the 30-Gallon Fire Kettle, Stand & Boot Rail from Sea Island Forge:

“Gathered around a fire with friends and family… this is where time slows down and memories are made. No matter the occasion or the season, the SIF Fire Kettle provides the perfect blend of feet-up relaxation and open fire cooking. This Kettle suits backyards big and small with Boot Rail space for 8-10 pairs of boots, sneakers, even flip-flops. Add our cooking accessories and it becomes a full-scale culinary experience.”

Find the 30-Gallon Fire Kettle, Stand & Boot Rail from Sea Island Forge.

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As many long-time Lost Cowboy fans know, I have posted many photos of Mount Chocorua in New Hampshire over the years. The sight of the mountain across its namesake lake as seen from the bridge in Tamworth, NH is my favorite view in the world. Well, I have been unable to visit since 2019 and am really missing it. The other day when I posted about artist Hanna Lucy (a New Hampshire artist whose work includes a great image of Chocurua) I was overcome with a wave of homesickness and went online to see images of this great view and found this one which warmed my heart and help sooth my mood.