tintinThat is not hyperbole. Seriously, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen – a sculpture of the classic children’s book character Tin Tin that was rescued from obscurity in Thailand. Dude, seriously, this is cool.

I love Tin Tin and have all the books and any number of related collectibles. But this is unique and I am really tempted to purchase it. The price tag of $800 is a little steep – but it is a unique one of a kind piece right?

I found this sculpture on the website for Paxton Gate, a San Francisco-based landscape design group.

About this item: “This Tin Tin was originally sculpted in Thailand as a prototype around the time Tin Tin had growing popularity in the 1930’s. The sculptures were abandoned by their maker and left outdoors to break down in the elements until they were discovered and imported to the U.S. in the last year. This timeless classic is great as decor for a child’s room or as a gift for a collector.”

Please either talk me out of buying one of these or make me feel better about why I need to by one.