chels3I have two cats, but I am not a cat person.  My house is not full of cat pictures, statues and tapestries.  My big secret is that I am a dog person, even though I do not have a dog.  Nor do I have a house full of dog-inspired memorabilia and have always thought it to be a bit tacky to decorate based on your favorite breed.  Although we all know someone who loves a particular breed, say Yorkies, and their house is full of Yorkie stuff like pillows, sweatshirts, plates, etc.

However, I am thinking about changing my opinion as a result of coming across these cushions made by Chelsea Textiles

“Chelsea Textiles was formed in 1992 to faithfully recreate antique textiles, cushions and furnishing accessories, the originals of which are becoming vanishingly scarce. Chelsea Textiles’ meticulous research and use of authentic materials and colours, their unparalleled attention to detail and hand-crafting all combine to produce items of unique excellence…. antiques of the future.”


These dog cushions may look common, but you can tell right away that they are of the highest quality.  One thing I like about Chelsea Textiles is that they call what they make “Antiques of the future” – I just love that confidence, and if you take a look at the furniture you can see why they can make this claim.

But back to these delightful needlepoint dogs on cushions.  It appears that Chelsea Textiles deals exclusively with the design community.  However, if you look around you may be able to find some items for sale a various websites – just do a search on “Chelsea Textiles” and “pillow” or “cushion.”

Be ready, these gems may be a little more pricey than you expect.  But who can put a price tag on joy?


See the variety  Chelsea Textiles Dog Cushions here.