My name is James. I go by Jim. Still “James” when I am in trouble. My family, and those who grew up with me, call me “Jimmy.” I have a niece and a nephew, who, because my sister calls me Jimmy, have always known me as “Uncle Jimmy.”

I like to think that I am the best uncle ever. I am sure if you hit them at the right time my niece and nephew will concur.

caseAnyway, I was thrilled when I recently came across “Uncle Jimmy’s Late Night Puttanesca” – a sauce offered by La Famiglia DelGrosso, and available at fine grocers across the country.

About Uncle Jimmy’s Late Night Puttanesca: “Our Uncle Jimmy is always up to something. He’s prone to go a little over the top, even when it comes to sauce. Jim’s puttanesca is perfect for those late-night cravings when we need a hearty, tasty dish. Jim insists, “You won’t find a better sauce. I add Chablis wine and use the best-looking and freshest vegetables—and I use more than anyone else—lots of mushrooms, olives, capers and onions. I guarantee you’ll walk away satisfied!” This may be one time when we all agree with him.”

I am going to purchase a ton of the Uncle Jimmy’s Late Night Puttanesca and give as gifts over the upcoming holidays. I hope my niece and nephew remember the time I cooked red sauce and mixed in shredded chicken breast, served it over pasta and called it “Chicken Jimmy-tore”! My nephew, who was 7 at the time reportedly went home and asked his mother: “Why don’t you ever make Chicken Jimmy-tore like Uncle Jimmy?”