FF: Portland Design Works Bourbon Grips

FF1I swear that I don’t just like things that are named “bourbon” because they remind me of my favorite adult comfort beverage – but I have to say I love these bike grips from Portland Design Works – Bourbon Grips.

About Portland Design Works Bourbon Grips: “Bring the stylish comfort of a well-worn baseball glove to your ride with Portland Design Works’ Bourbon Grips. They’re made from classically stitched, vegetable-tanned leather with polished aluminum lockrings for durability and a finish that’ll only improve with age.”

Portland Design Works Bourbon Grips are available on line from the Trek Bicycle Store.

FF: Badoit, France’s other sparkling water

BADI drink about a gallon of sparkling water every day and some are better that others, but truly one of the best is Badoit, from France.

About Badoit sparkling water: “This major sparkling water brand is much-loved by the French. Badoit brings over two centuries of pleasure and sophistication to every meal. Originally acknowledged for its exceptional properties in the 18th Century, Badoit was recognised in 1778 by King Louis XVI’s physician as having virtues that ‘enhance the appetite, soothe digestion and lift the spirit’. Resolutely traditional, Badoit knows how to reinvent itself; its bottles are increasingly elegant, and highlight this unique product. Choosing to enjoy Badoit fine bubbles means making each meal a special occasion.”

Learn more about Badoit here.

FF: The Beach Cruiser Graphic Tee from Parke & Ronen

FF3I don’t generally wear t-shirts in public, but I am a sucker for shirts with cool bicycle artwork, like the Beach Cruiser Graphic Tee I found from Parke & Ronen.

About the Beach Cruiser Graphic Tee from Parke & Ronen: “The perfect fit t-shirt with a fun graphic print. Your go to basic this season for pairing with your swim trunks, lounging around the house, or layering under your favorite jacket.”

See all the cool summer-inspired products of Parke & Ronen here.