It seems crazy but it has been five months since my trip to Argentina in January. It was a crazy time for me. Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s and the heading straight down to summer in Buenos Aires (where it was very hot). Then returning to New England for the coldest winter in years and then moving to Kansas City… See? A crazy five months.

Anyway, every time I travel to Argentina I am reminded of mate, a yerba tea which is a traditional drink in much of South America. I have collected a few mate gourds and bombillas, which is are very cool metal straws with a sieve at the end that you use to drink mate, and the whole ritual of the drink is fascinating to me.

I have featured a few pictures of these mate gourd (including this great shot of gourds for sale at the San Telmo market) and have been asked many times about mate and the rituals surrounding it. I always tell people what I know, but I recently came across a great primer about mate on the website of The Splendid Table, the fabulous weekly American Public Media Radio show.


In the feature about mate in Argentina, host Lynne Rossetto Kasper interviews a couple who recently explored mate culture in Argentina and the site features some great tidbits about the drink. Definitely worth checking out.

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