TINcupI love classic things that are still being made in the authentic style. There are many examples of this, but none better than the classic tin cups of Jacob Bromwell. These old school cups are still being made the way they were 200 years ago.

About the Classic Tin Cups of Jacob Bromwell: “If these cups could talk, what a tale they would tell. In 1819, Jacob Bromwell® was handcrafting tin cups without welding, soldering, or rivets, and we’re still producing them the same way today with a little help from the original machinery and equipment. Take a sip from this legendary American cup, and travel back in time to those simpler days. Forget about the telephone and Internet, and instead enjoy a quiet moment much like the cowboy tending his herd, the explorer drinking from an unspoiled stream, or a Civil War soldier relishing a quiet moment between battles. Standard issue during the Civil War, each tin cup is both hand and machine crafted and makes the perfect gift for the history buff, the busy executive, and any guy or gal who appreciates nostalgia. So let your imagination flow as you enjoy this epic relic of Americana. You’ll surprisingly bring history to life with each sip.”

Some say that whiskey tastes best when sipped from a tin cup like our forefathers did – now that’s something that I’m willing to try.

Learn more about Jacob Bromwell’s 100% American made products here.