WFTI just came across a place called White Faux Taxidermy. Seriously. They had me at “White Faux Taxidermy.”

The fine folks at White Faux Taxidermy do what you think they do… they make fake taxidermy products – like their resin animal mounts, like this cool moose.

About the Resin Animal Mounts of White Faux Taxidermy: “These refer to animal mounts that have been crafted, not stuffed. Bear in mind that in the art of taxidermy, often times the finished animal involves removing interior animal parts and preserving skin, antlers and other parts. The piece may also be made with glass, clay, epoxy and wax—especially for parts like the eyes, nose and mouth. However, resin heads do not actually contain any animal parts, interior, exterior or otherwise. All of the pieces are created using manmade materials. Life-size moose resin heads can be sculpted and crafted into a perfect head or bust using only a photo and precise animal measurements. Whereas some taxidermy products are made from actual antlers, resin products are made from polyurethane resin.”

See all the great products of White Faux Taxidermy here.

You’ve got to love the moose!