geoI know it is not PC these days, but I sort of like tobacco. Well, not like cigarettes per se, but the whole idea of the old crop that helped build this nation. I like the look of it. I like the smell of it. And dare I say that I even like to smoke a fine cigar now and then.

So yeah, it is the nostalgic romance around tobacco that I like (as in the smell of a cigar reminds me of my grandfather) and I like old school tobacco shops – like the one run by the fine folks at Georgetown Tobacco in our Nation’s Capital.

About Georgetown Tobacco: “In 1964, David Berkebile established Georgetown Tobacco in Washington D.C.’s historic hub of commerce. Today, it is still a place to enjoy the camaraderie of those who enjoy the gentle art of smoking and other of life’s pleasures. In addition to the finest cigars, pipes and smoking accessories, we strive to stock interesting and unusual items for home and personal use. As you can see from this page, Venetian Carnival masks are immensely popular and have become a prominent feature in our store. We also feature writing instruments from Rebecca Moss, Limoges figurines, Czech crystal, chess sets and many other treasures.”

In addition to keeping the tobacco tradition alive, Georgetown Tobacco carries a full line of other fine good for the perfect gentleman like walking sticks and Cufflinks.

Check out Georgetown Tobacco here.