trikesWell, we find all sorts of things that fit a certain “Lost Cowboy” aesthetic that we have not quite figured out yet – but when found the collections of Lost Found Art, we knew this was right in our wheelhouse.

About Lost Found Art: “Lost Found Art is a unique design company that specializes in sculptural installations and assemblages using antique and vintage pieces. Our works are created with an eye to scale, balance, color and surface interest, and the end result is a strong visual statement that combines artistic statement, whimsy, form and uniqueness. We can customize to fit any space, décor, or point of view. Subtle or outrageous, free standing or wall mounted, our collections become the focal point of any room in your home or business. Our designs work equally well in a contemporary setting as they do in the more traditional.”

Touring around the Lost Found Art website makes you want to see more.  There are some very cool things here.  We particularly like this collection of Vintage Children’s Tricycle Running Boards.  The collection is a set of “nine old vintage pressed steel children’s tricycle running boards. They resemble abstract super hero chest logos. All with their original paint.”  We say “very cool!”

Find what’s on display at Lost Found Art here.