Are you a familiar with Brit singer-songwriter David Gray? If you are, you are all set. If you don’t know him, you may be familiar with a few of his songs from the past decade or so, most notably “Babylon” which was played endlessly on adult-orientated radio stations.

I hate to admit this, but I am one of those people that finds an artist they like and then starts to resent them when they become too popular.  “He’s sold out!”  I am heard to say of a singer who hits it big.  In some cases this is true, in others it is just a need to feel cool.


Such is the case with Mr. Gray.  I loved the guy.  Loved every song.  But when he got big and everyone knew him, or at least one or two songs, I was done.  “He sold out!”

Well, it is stupid, I should still like the music I always did.  So when I heard Gray was coming out with a new album, I was excited to give it a chance.  “Draw the Line” is his first album of new material in nearly four years and it is great.

Much of the press “Draw the Line” has received focuses on the fact that it is a departure from the “formula” that has made Gray one of the UK’s top selling artists in recent years. This may be true, he formed a new band and collaborated with different artists, but the sound is unmistakably Gray. And it is a sound that is very pleasing to hear, like an old friend coming back into my life.

I mention this now, as I had the chance to see Mr. Gray perform in concert last night at Boston ’s Wang Theater, thanks to an invitation from a very dear friend. Gray put on a great show.  From the second he came on stage I was in the palm of his hands.  He performed songs old and new and proved to me why I liked him the first place, and, begrudgingly, why he became so popular.

He puts on a great show, he looks good, sounds great and has an amazing stage presence.  The Lost Cowboy recommends you take a listen to David Gray’s music – whether it is to reacquaint yourself with him or to discover him for the first time.

The new album is not quite the departure some who have you believe, but I guess I would say that after listening to it and seeing him live…  “David Gray has bought himself back.”

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