MCWOne of the great trends in the fine spirits world these days is all the great small batch and artisan distilleries that are producing great bourbons and whiskeys all over the country – like McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey from Portland, OR-based Clear Creek Distillery.

About McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey: “McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is of the Islay tradition of Scotch whisky. Of well-known single malts from Scotland, it resembles the Lagavulin whisky. It is very peat-y. Made from 100% peat-malted barley brought in from Scotland, our whiskey would be a single malt Scotch if Oregon were Scotland. We distill in our Holstein pot stills using one pass distillation, but make a small ‘heads’ cut and a fairly large “tails” cut and put about 4 liters of tails into the next still run. The proof at time of distillation is about 150 (75% abv). Then we reduce in proof and barrel-age the rough distillate in barrels made from air-dried Oregon Oak. The present bottling is aged 3 year but we think it is remarkably smooth for such a young whiskey. The result is a smooth, peat-y whiskey with a surprisingly clean finish. Production is very limited because what we put in the barrel doesn’t come out for years.”

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is a product of Clear Creek Distillery: “A genuine artisan distillery reflects the best of the natural and agricultural resources of its region. Clear Creek Distillery has succeeded in doing this, making world-class eau de vie and grappa since 1985. At Clear Creek we have married European traditional brandy-making techniques with the finest fruit from Pacific Northwest orchards to produce fruit eaux de vie, grappas, and wine brandy. We use the traditional European pot still along with techniques learned in Alsace and Switzerland. No colors or flavors are ever added to our brandies. The distinctive “nose”, or initial smell of the brandy in a snifter, is the result of careful fermentation and distillation of perfectly ripe fruit. You will taste only the clear and fiery essence of the Pacific Northwests finest fruits.”

From where I sit (in relatively mild Kansas City) I think a nice bottle of whiskey like this is the perfect antidote to the big blizzard facing all my friends back in New England.  Cheers and be safe y’all!

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