CHESTChristmas is long past now, but there is still plenty of reasons to roast chestnuts – the perfect pastime for a winter’s night by the fire.

I just love the smell of roasting chestnuts and have often just placed a few on the fire or on top of the hot wood stove just to get the aroma. But there is a better way to roast chestnuts – with the Signature Chestnut Roaster from Jacob Bromwell.

About the Signature Chestnut Roaster from Jacob Bromwell: “Carefully constructed in small batches and with authentic materials, our handmade chestnut roaster provides even heat distribution to easily cook savory chestnuts over a fireplace or campfire. Chestnuts are known to have a buttery, meaty flavor, and our chestnut roaster was designed to create a nostalgic chestnut roasting experience for fun lovers of all ages. Recapture the magic of years gone by with this American classic, and start a new holiday family tradition.”

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