PSMToday is Super Bowl Sunday and I will indeed be watching from my bunker somewhere in the prairie on the Kansas side of the Missouri River from Kansas City. I will be rooting for a certain team, but as not to alienate any of my readers, I will just remind all that I was born and raised in New England and quite fancy Ugg Boots on future hall of fame quarterbacks.

Well, anyway, I have posted in the past about a tradition from back in the day that my friends and I started – the Craft Bowl. We would gather on Super Bowl Sunday, make some good appetizers, watch the game, rate the commercial and best of all – make crafts.

Most of our crafts involved decoupage, a medium I adore, but this year I think I am going to honor the spirit of the craft bowl with a more of a DIY electronics project – this How to Make Speakers from Post-Its project I found in Popular Science magazine.

About the How to Make Speakers from Post-Its project from Popular Science: “In a speaker, an audio signal sends current through a coil, creating a magnetic field that yanks on a second magnet. This vibrates a diaphragm, sending sound waves through the air. Students build stripped-down speakers from magnet wire, which coils up to form the electromagnet; a Post-It note, which acts as the diaphragm; and a rare-earth magnet taped to a tabletop. Alligator clips attach the contraption to a speaker cable, which plugs into a cellphone to play music at a low volume. If you press your ear to the makeshift system, the quality is surprisingly good.”

Seriously, how can you not want to make a project that features a tagline like: “harnessing the power of sound using office supplies”?

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