MARLThere are many places you can support that help find homes for homeless pets – but none as committed to saving dogs, cats (and others) facing death than the fine folks at Marley’s Pit Stop Rescue.

About Marley’s Pit Stop Rescue: “Marley’s Pit Stop Rescue was founded in June of 2002 when Marley, an adorable pit bull inspired a woman to reconsider the meaning of ‘Animal Shelter.’ Rescued on his ‘last’ day . . . Marley had no idea that he would go on to not only enjoy every single day of his life, but also motivate others to want to give the same gift to other companion animals. Marley’s Pit Stop is an all foster rescue network for more than 75 dogs, cats and bunnies who through no fault of their own find themselves homeless and facing death. As soon as one of our animals finds their dream home, we fill that spot with another animal in need.”

Learn more about Marley’s Pit Stop Rescue and how you can help here.