yhst-65633669773184_2128_4588541These are the coolest postcards I have seen in some time:  The Make Cities Postcards and Papercraft.  These cut-out and fold cards feature icons of London , Paris and New York , respectively and are quite unique.  I would love to be sent one of these or send them myself to friends and family who I know would love them. 

Sophie first saw these in a shop in Sydney and did not purchase them.  She found them on the shop’s website but they did not ship internationally.  But thanks to the good folks at Yahoo search we found them for sale in the US! These cool postcards are available from a few retailers, but we found a complete set at Architect Gifts Plus – where you can find other fun stuff as well.

About Make Cities Postcards: “The three original Make Cities Postcards and Papercraft sets are London , New York and Paris . Designed by Keisuke Saka, each Make City set has five cards that can be cut and assembled into miniature models of famous city icons. You can make them or mail them! Make City cards are packed in a clear plastic sleeve with a cover showing the completed models. The New York set includes the Empire State Building (with King Kong), the Brooklyn Bridge with the Staten Island Ferry, a Yellow Taxi Cab, a Bagel & Coffee and the infamous street Lunch Cart. A Bit of London has the Tower Bridge , a Double Decker Bus, a Buckingham Palace Guard, an electric guitar sporting the Union Jack and Fish and Chips with a Pint. Un Peu de Paris includes the Eiffel Tower , the Moulin Rouge, the Arc de Triomphe, a charming carousel and an accordion.”

My favorite is the Empire State Building cut-out, complete with King Kong and a miniature Faye Wray.  Very cool!

Architect Gifts Plus