turkey_platterSeveral years ago while looking around one of the many closets in my parents’ house that was stuffed with artifacts, I came across a giant platter with an image of a turkey on it. I pulled it out, showed it to my mother, and asked her why we were not using it every Thanksgiving.

My mother saw that platter and was instantly sentimental. “Where did you find that?” I told her. “That was one of the few things I have from my mother’s family.

My mother went on to tell me a story about her mother and her aunt, her mom’s sister. Apparently they were very close, but had a volatile relationship. My grandmother would get mad at her sister and then break anything she could find that was related to her.

The platter was handed down from at least two prior generations, and oddly, came from Italy . Anyway, somehow it made it to my grandmother via her sister and was spared the fate of so many other would-be family heirlooms.

In modern times, the platter has been reintroduced to our family and comes out every year for thanksgiving. For most of the past several years, that dinner was held at my parent’s rural New Hampshire country home. That was up until last year when we moved my parents to a more convenient adult community.

Somewhere along the way I lost track of the platter, until recently when I was talking to my teenage nephew about where we were going to have thanksgiving dinner. He said, “Well, my mom has the platter, so I guess we’re hosting.”

Thus the family heirloom turkey platter passes to a new generation.