fab1When you think of fine Italian craftsmanship you may first think of leather, pottery or even wine. However, as home of some of civilization’s oldest culture, Italy is also the home of some of the finest papers. Yes, paper, paper products and everything that goes along with it. The fine folks at Fabriano has been making quality paper for 750 years and they are still going strong.

About Fabriano: “Since 1264 Fabriano has been synonymous with high quality paper, esteemed throughout the world and known to publishers, writers and artists. Indeed, although the invention of paper is traditionally ascribed to the Chinese and its introduction to the West attributed to the Arabs, the people of Fabriano must be given the credit for their ability to engender a true leap in paper quality and to make Fabriano the cradle of the production of modern paper.”

Fabriano produces fine stationery products like their…

“Nonsense Trio” of notebooks (above right): “Three machine-sewn notebooks tied together; cover in anti-fingerprint scratch-resistant card; 64 plain pages with a pocket on the inside of the back cover. Dedicated to Nonsense writer and illustrator Edward Lear, with part of the proceeds going to support ‘The Big Draw’, the world’s largest festival of design.”

fab3…and their Medioevalis notecards (right) which have been a bestseller for more than 100 years:

“Medioevalis is a high quality mould-made paper produced in Fabriano since 1904. Card with four deckle edges hand trimmed from watermarked sheets. Designed for personalized invitations and greeting cards.”

In addition to their fine paper product, Fabriano has a line of related products – like the really cool Fiorella Stapler (right):

“Mini stapler with colorful staples and floral print.”

Learn more about the history of Fabriano and see all their fine products here.