FISH.WA.3My trip to Seattle was not all pleasure, it was also a business trip. I had to tour the offices of colleagues in the greater Seattle area. I was please to find one of the offices tucked away in the Fishermen’s Terminal in the city’s Ballard neighborhood. I have to say the offices were very cool – they overlooked the docks where the great fleet of fishing boats call home. I could totally work there.

About Seattle Fishermen’s Terminal: “The Puget Sound Purse Seine Fishermen’s Association approached the Port of Seattle in 1912 asking for a homeport for the local fishing fleet. Fishermen’s Terminal, the Port’s first operational facility, was officially dedicated on January 10, 1914. Today, Fishermen’s Terminal is home of the North Pacific fishing fleet, providing moorage for 400 commercial fishing vessels and work boats. It is also a hub of vessel maintenance and repair activity that brings vendors and suppliers together with a network of banking, insurance and other fishing and seafood related businesses that give our region economic diversity and resilience. Boats based at the terminal fish for a wide range of species including salmon, halibut, cod, crab, shrimp, pollock and tuna. Vessel types include crabbers, gillnetters, longliners, purse seiners, trawlers and trollers. The fleet based at Fishermen’s Terminal and throughout the Puget Sound region account for about 40 percent of the landed U.S. fish catch every year.”

The Fishermen’s Terminal is located at 3919 18th Ave. West in the great city of Seattle, WA.


The Fishermen’s Terminal is home of the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial (above), which honors the men and women who have lost their lives in the profession over the past century.

FISH.WA.4About the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial: “In 1988, the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial dedicated this magnificent bronze and stone aggregate monument at Seattle’s Fishermen’s Terminal. The celebration culminated years of effort and generous contribution by Seattle’s commercial fishing community. This towering sculpture and the bronze name plaques at its base have become a place of reverence, recognition and healing for the families of more than 675 local commercial fishermen and women who have lost their lives pursuing their livelihood since the turn of the century. More than a tribute to an industry and the lives of its men and women, the monument fills a special need for commercial fishing families. In many instances, those who are lost at sea simply vanish, leaving their loved ones without a word or a trace. The construction of this monument has provided their memory a residence, a site for family and friends to visit, to place flowers, to reflect and to heal.”

Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial is located at The Fishermen’s Terminal in the great city of Seattle, WA.