SEATNWhile preparing for my trip to the great Northwest metropolis that is Seattle, I wanted to familiarize myself with the city’s history without having to do too much research (well, reading). My solution was thumbing through the pages of Seattle: Then and Now by Benjamin Lukoff – which brought the Seattle’s past and present together in a way that made me appreciate the place as I walked around the city.

About Seattle: Then and Now by Benjamin Lukoff: “Seattle’s growth from a small lumber town to one of the world’s most influential urban centers has been spectacular. Little more than a century ago, the city was made up of dirt roads and timber buildings. The arrival of the Great Northern Railroad in 1893 and the start of the Klondike gold rush in 1897 changed all that. Businesses in Seattle are still booming today, but they are now less dependent on location and more on inspiration. Seattle Then and Now presents archival photos along with modern views of the same sites as they appear today, highlighting some of the best-loved places in the city along with striking examples of modern architecture that help make Seattle such a vibrant and innovative city.”

I love old pictures of cityscapes and appreciate the glimpse they give us to history. In Seattle: Then and Now, the vintage photos of Seattle are not only a window to the past, they are a path to the future.

Seattle: Then and Now by Benjamin Lukoff is availalble from Amazon and other fine book retailers.