loulouThis past November, while I was foraging for a cranberry chutney recipe to surprise my Thanksgiving dinner companions, I came across dozens of other chutneys. But one stuck out above all the others, a Plum Lavender Chutney from Loulou’s Garden.

Loulou says that this chutney “is delicious on lamb or pork, a divine accompaniment to a goat cheese and will even hold up to a Stilton.” I think it would be perfect with a day-after turkey sandwich to kick it up a notch from the beloved cranberry. Loulou’s Garden makes the Plum Lavender Chutney with “fresh ginger, mustard seeds, red wine vinegar, raw sugar, lemon zest and lavender from our garden.” Sounds great.

About Loulou’s Garden: “Loulou’s Garden was born from a passion and appreciation for the organic and heirloom fruits, vegetables and herbs that are sustainably grown here in our wonderful Northern California climate.”

Loulou’s Garden makes stuff that sounds great and is in Northern California. Sounds about right.

Check out Loulou’s Garden here.