archI have mentioned before that I always wanted a wall of old-school metal lockers in my house. Likewise, I have also always wanted a few rows of vintage stadium seating. Well, now I have found a place where I can get the latter: the fine folks at Archer Seats who offer all sorts of seating options old and new.

About Archer Seats: “In the old days, stadium seats from places like Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds, Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Baltimore Memorial Stadium and Shibe Park were often discarded as scrap, a few being saved or re-used. Long before words like “green” or “re-use/recycle” were popular in our society, Steve Archer had already built one recycling factory for plastic of all types. Demand for his services created the stadium seat clearinghouse for all surplus stadium seats and parts. Surplus stadium seats are a smart way to build a facility. Since 1995, Archer Seating has been a valuable resource for all stadiums, schools, retail business, auction barns, churches, movie productions, and individuals seeking quality stadium seats at a fair price.”

In addition to the traditional stadium seating, the fine folks at Archer Seating offer a collection of vintage turnstiles. I want one!

Check out all the surplus stadium seating of Archer Seats here.

Visit Archer Seating’s online store here.