wallyI have written about my (limited) success with container gardens over the years and have every intention on trying again this year. I am always looking for new ways to use my space and for containers that make sense for my garden.

I was thrilled to come across Woolypockets, a super cool “system” for growing gardens. I love the idea of these things – you can really transfer a space and grow things in ways you never could before.

About Woolypockets: “Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers. They come in two styles: those designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces, and those designed to be hung on walls for vertical gardening. You can use Woolly Pockets both indoors and out; they have built-in moisture barriers to help protect furniture, and they’re equally at home outside in the elements. They’re perfect for creating urban gardens where you have space to garden but no land to garden in. Woolly Pockets are lightweight and can be folded flat, which makes them very easy to use, move, and store just about anywhere.”

The deck space I have currently have for me container garden is limited. Were I to add some vertical space with this type of planting system, I could tray many more types of plants.

I did experiment with the “as seen on TV” upside-down tomato planters and really did not like it. Woolypockets seems to be similar but there are so many more options I look forward to checking them out.

I can’t wait for spring!  (Curator’s note: We are writing this in Boston where we are dealing with another snowstorm as we write.)

Of course I will provide a complete report of my progress.