halseaRight before Christmas I was returning from a business trip to Washington , DC when my luggage was lost. This was the first time in all my years of travel that my luggage didn’t show up on the baggage claim carousel. There were many times over the years that I was surprised that my luggage didn’t get lost – when I had multiple connections or made last minute flight changes, etc. But this was a simple shuttle flight from BWI to BOS on a airline that ONLY flies to Boston from BWI.

Anyway, the bag was found and delivered to my home the next day – completely intact. But this got me to thinking about the state of my luggage. When asked to describe my bag to the lost luggage folks, I really couldn’t. “Well,” I said. “It is a mid-sized black roller bag.” Of course that describes 90% of the luggage these days.

“Any distinguishing features on the bag?”

“Um, well, no.”

I then had to describe some items inside the bag that might help identify it should the tags have been stripped off.

I was thinking that I really need to get a more distinguished bag so it is easy to spot when coming out on the claim belt, and in case I need to be able to describe it in an emergency.

Which is why the travel products from Halsea are quite appealing to me. Halsea makes a line of distinctive travel products which I am sure I will have no problem describing or finding.

Check out the “salt water blue” print roller bag from Halsea’s China Cove Travel Collection I have been eying.