I am enjoying my traditional late summer vacation to Wellfleet on Cape Cod. While I am away collecting great find to share with you, I am featuring a few of my past posts about this great spot. From my 2015 visit…


My Friday Finds take a break today as I post more about my recent vacation.

hp2I have posted about the Cape Cod paintings of Edward Hopper in the past. Most notably, I called attention to the houses that still stand in Wellfleet (the charming port town where I spend a week every summer) that were depicted in one of Hopper’s most iconic paintings. Mr. Hopper spent more than 30 summers in the dunes of the Cape Cod towns of Truro and Wellfleet, painting scores of houses and settings – many of which can still be seen nearly 50 after his death.

For the past couple of years while in Wellfleet, my traveling companions and I noticed a tour of the “Hopper houses” and thought about taking it at some point. Well, thanks to my dear friend Lynda, this was the year – she treated us to the Hopper House Tour, a two-hour guided tours by the lovely and charming Lisbeth Wiley Chapman.

About Hopper House Tours: “Lisbeth Chapman has researched the houses and vistas painted by Edward Hopper in Wellfleet and Truro in the early 1930s. She has lectured on this topic. This is a ‘then and now’ tour. You will join her for a two-hour car ride over back roads and to out-of-the-way places to visit the houses and vistas Hopper painted as they are today. Much of the Truro and Wellfleet that Edward Hopper painted retains its 1930s flavor. She will entertain you with personal family anecdotes and information about where he lived for four summers in a summer rental cottage from 1930 to 1933 before moving to his own studio.”


We were looking forward to the tour for some time and speculated about what it would be like. The tour, and Ms. Chapman, were far beyond any expectation we had. Not only were we delighted to see the various structures Mr. Hopper posted, we were treated to the personal stories of our tour guide and a wealth of knowledge about local history. Ms. Chapman is the best tour guide possible, and she has made it her mission to find the sites that Mr. Hopper (and his wife) painted when the only clues are the suggestions made in the painting themselves. Some of her detective work, matching a shack here and there with a painting, is truly remarkable.

The Hopper House Tour was definitely a highlight of our vacation and a must for anyone interested in the works of Edward Hopper or how a landscape can inspire the creative process.

Learn more about the Hopper House Tours and guide Lisbeth Chapman here.