fossilI have talked about my obsession with watches in the past.  One of my favorite brands of watches is Fossil.  Fossil makes great looking and dependable watches at a very affordable price.  I have literally dozens of Fossil watches which I have purchased over the years mostly at their outlet stores at bargain prices or were given to me as gifts.

But this post is not about Fossil’s watches, but about the very cool aesthetic they have been carving out for themselves as part of their brand – a whole vintage vibe.

The new products Fossil has been producing have a timeless (pun intended) feel and they have brought this feeling to another level by presenting a series of “Fossil Finds” – a collection of unique one-of-a-kind vintage items that fit a whole feeling they are trying to convey.

For someone like me, who loves vintage find, the Fossil Finds are awesome – ranging from radios to cameras to typewriters and even mini bowling pins.

Check out the Fossil Finds here – but if you see something you like, buy it fast, these things go quickly.