JCCI love paper mâché and I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves a medium for modern art. However, in the very capable hands of artists like Tiffany Ownbey, whose work I saw this past weekend at the great Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, paper mâché is very much alive and very cool.

About artist Tiffany Ownbey:

“My work is a study of human interactions, relationships and memories…sometimes humorous and sometimes tart. Scale and proportion are intentionally manipulated for emphasis. Using paper-mâché I make figurative sculpture out of antique sewing patterns, vintage books and found objects.”

How can you not love Tiffany Ownbey work, like her First Truck Dog, a paper mâché assemblage using vintage sewing patterns and old toy trucks?

Learn more about artist Tiffany Ownbey and see a gallery of her work here.