oobWhile walking through the great Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City this past weekend, many works caught my eye, but none more than the Collaborative Sculpture by Amy Arnold and Kelsey Sauber Olds.

About artists Amy Arnold and Kelsey Sauber Olds: “We are a married team of artists who make our home and studio on a ridge overlooking the beautiful hills of Southwestern Wisconsin. In our studios we have, until recently, each focused on our own work and separate businesses. Kelsey has been making custom furniture and offering a line of bamboo cutting boards, while Amy has been making fiber and clay dolls and recycled wool hats. In 2012 Amy made her way into the wood shop and began carving her figurative sculptures in wood. Amy’s presence in the wood shop has led us to a new partnership. Together, we are making a cast of human/animal figurative sculptures in wood. The shaping, refining and texturing of basswood is done with a combination of power and hand tools. The pieces are finished with layers of milk paint. As our collaboration relies upon a balance between our sensibilities, personalities and skills, so too do our finished pieces walk a fine line. We are interested in exploring a balance between human and animal; wild and tame; crude and refined; movement and stability; humor and seriousness; adult and child; toy and art object.”

This is my personal picture of the works of Amy Arnold and Kelsey Sauber Olds that caught my eye:


Learn more about the Collaborative Sculpture of Amy Arnold and Kelsey Sauber Olds and see a gallery of their work here.