cb2It is time form my semi-annual rave about the art from CB2. Over the years I have loved many of the limited edition original artworks commissioned by CB2, like today’s find, the great New York City composite work by artist Richard James: Empire and New Yorker.

About the Empire and New Yorker Print from CB2: “Empire and New Yorker expresses the essence and energy of New York in a stylized view of the city’s most iconic buildings. Artist Richard James is continually inspired by the architecture of New York, the city he calls home. To him, the composition of the Empire State Building illuminated in neon colors, the Hotel New Yorker marquee and the surrounding noir cityscape is “all of New York City in one frame.” Originally captured as a digital image, James enhanced the photograph with digital and hand-drawn textural elements, replicated here in precise detail.”

One of the great things about the limited edition series from CB2 is that they really are limited editions. The Richard James Empire and New Yorker Print is limited to only 300. Like many of the other past works offered by CB2, this could be highly desirable in the years to come.

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