The folks behind Lost Cowboy are traveling today to Argentina for a ten day adventure.  Which means the Lost Cowboy will kind of be the Lost Gaucho for a while.  We hope to discover all sorts of great things to report back here.  We are especially looking forward to the famous street markets of Buenos Aires.


Our curator, Jim, who told you about the inspiration behind this site, the little “lost” cowboy he found at a flea market this past summer, is hoping to spot an Argentine version to add to the collection.  Something like the little lost gaucho pictured here.  This little guy is available for sale on eBay.  But somehow scouring the antique markets of Buenos Aires sounds like it would make for a much better story.

So here’s the deal Lost Cowboy fans…  We hope to report in real time from Argentina.  However, don’t worry, we have stocked daily posts to bring you right through our return.  In any case, we will feature our Argentine finds at some point. 

See, I knew we could get through this post without a “Don’t Cry for me…” joke.