FB1OK, I know I have been on a food kick lately, but there are just so many cool products out there.  I have always wanted to make and can my own chutneys and jams, and I think I will be trying that this year.  In the meantime I am totally obsessed with fine food products, like those offered by Bella Cucina Artful Food.

I just love how the founder of Bella Cucina Artful Food describes the idea behind it:  “To be a part of the daily ritual of eating simply, yet deliciously, is to be a part of a centuries-old art of living a beautiful life. It evokes emotions that have lain dormant, tapping into a creativity that we all possess. It is accessible for all, enjoying good food and thoughtful conversation at the table.” 

Sounds like the perfect philosophy for Lost Cowboy.

Bella Cucina Artful Food offers many fine products from, and inspired by, Italy.  They offer all sorts of things from oils and vinegars, to pasta and pizza sauces, to pestos and some really amazing sounding Panini spreads.

This is the one we want to try: Sundried Tomato and Basil Panini Spread – Rich and thick, this Panini Spread is a sandwich condiment, bruschetta topping, or a ready-to-eat appetizer. The sun-drenched flavor of moist sun-dried tomatoes combined with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil gives this spread its distinctive flavor. A great stuffing for chicken breasts with goat cheese.”

Check out Bella Cucina Artful Food here.