I am currently enjoying a much needed respite in the beautiful Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. This morning, my lifelong friend Lynda and I ventured out in to the chilly morning for a great breakfast at The Stairway Café in the heart of North Conway Village. Then we headed out to check in on one of the many amazing natural sites in the area, the amazing Diana’s Bath – which involves a little bit of a hike, but worth it when you see the majestic falls. After our hike, we stopped in at The Local Grocer, a great natural and organic store and restaurant – a great way to relieve the guilt of the candy we bought the night before (I had Chuckles) at North Conway’s legendary Zeb’s General Store. A perfect day in the perfect place.



The Stairway Café is located at 2649 White Mountain Highway in the charming village of North Conway, NH.

Learn more about Diana’s Bath in North Conway/Bartlett, NH here.

The Local Grocer is located at 3358 White Mountain Highway just north of North Conway Village, NH.

Zeb’s General Store is located at 2675 White Mountain Highway in the heart of North Conway Village, NH.