M1Every now and then we come across the work of someone that charms and inspires us. Such is the case with Juliet Ames’ website and shop – The Broken Plate Pendant Co. and (I Break Plates.com).

About Ms. Ames: “Juliet Ames is a Baltimore , MD crafter who has enjoyed getting her hands dirty and making things since she was a small child. While she played with Lego’s and Play-Doh she would have never dreamed that one day she would break plates for a living!”

About The Broken Plate Pendant Co.: “The Broken Plate Pendant Co. is where boxed up, unloved, dishes from Grandma come alive and are given a renewed purpose. I break each and every plate with love…and force…crafting them into a collection of inspired and versatile pieces.”

Not only are Ms. Ames’ creations interesting and truly works or art, her whole sensibility and back-story is just the type of thing we love.

The Broken Plate Pendant Co. shop features traditional jewelry crafted from broken china like earrings and cufflinks, but there are some great original ideas, like China Knuckles.

Check out I Break Plates.com here.