rmstBy now you have probably figured out that I come from a long line of collectors and hobbyists. One hobby that I dabbled in as a child, and never really had the patience for, is model making. My older brother loved making models from kits when were kids and he was really good at it. He followed directions well, and was good at the glue and the painting and had the patience to see a project through.

I on the other hand, was too impatient to wait for the glue to dry and always skipped a view pieces to finish more quickly.

I did have a fairly successful period of making buildings for my model trains, but most of my train towns looked like the wrong side of the tracks.

Anyway, today is the 99th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Which means a couple of things. First, all around the world people are popping popcorn and gathering the kids for the annual screening of Kate and Leo’s antics on the high seas. Second, it means that we need to get ready for what is likely to be a made into a big deal – the centenary commemoration of the event next year.*

So with these two things in mind (my need to finally control myself to complete and model project and the coming centennial remembrance of the Titanic disaster) I am setting out a challenge for myself.

I am going to purchase a model kit of the Titanic with a goal to have it completed by the 100th anniversary one year from today.

Thankfully, the good people at Revell produce an RMS Titanic Plastic Model Kit.

Revell’s Description of the model: “The Titanic achieved fame due to the tragic events that overtook her during her maiden voyage on 14th April 1912. The ‘Queen of the Sea’ was to carry 1,316 passengers from Southampton to New York for the White Star Line. During the night at about 23.40 hours, in the Atlantic , the British luxury liner hit an iceberg that tore a 100 m gash in her starboard side. When the Titanic sank at about 0.20 hours on 15th April 1,503 of the 2,206 people on board lost their lives. The 46,329 BRT vessel had a length of 267 m and a displacement of 66,000 tons.”

I have just ordered my model from Amazon. I plan to start putting it together over the summer. What is the over/under on when and if I will complete this project within a year?

* Boston’s Fenway Park opened the very same week in 1912.  The 100th anniversary of that will be a big deal around these parts too.