PWI can’t even tell you how much I love today’s find. PhotoWeights.

PhotoWeights is the result of one woman’s passion for vintage paperweights and her desire to bring back the artform.

About PhotoWeights:

“PhotoWeights specializes in the sale of glass paperweights designed to display photographs, artwork, crafts, and small mementos. All of our paperweight kits are beautifully handcrafted in America.”

As a huge fan of small vintage items that are hard to display, I really like the idea of preserving them with a paperweight – a great way to make a mini assemblage and one that is practical.

The other great thing about PhotoWeights is how easy it is to take something special to you and customize it – even easier with PhotoWeights’ helpful step by step instructions.

I am confident that once you see how cool the fine folks at PhotoWeights are you will be ordering up a few kits to make your own little treasures.

Learn more about PhotoWeights here.

Visit PhotoWeights’ online store here.

Visit PhotoWeights’ design blog here.