ShedOK, I have a nice shed in my back yard, but it is a very traditional tool shed. You know the kind – a place to house lawn mowers, rakes, and all manner of other things meant to help keep the yard well groomed. I would be hard pressed to spend any time IN the shed – other than retrieving what I need to do yard work. However, my shed is clearly not a shed from Modern-Shed, fine folks who make “bonus rooms” in which I would love to spend a ton of time. Heck, I think I could live in one of their great shed.

About Modern-Shed: “Modern-Shed provides solutions for limited living and storage space problems. You might be considering a home addition, converting current space such as a garage, bedroom, attic, basement, bonus room or even enclosing a carport in order to give you the extra space you need. You may not have even considered a detached separate structure in your yard. Modern-Shed provides the ultimate solution, as it provides not only more room, but private space only steps from your main home. If you need more room for a home office, an exercise room, craft space, art or music studio, man cave, diva den, photography studio, hobby room, writers den, meditation room, a play room or just a place to hang out and relax in your garden, Modern-Shed was the first and is the highest quality structure of its kind. Pre-fabricated panels can be carried into or around tight spaces for fast assembly. Instead of converting your garage or transforming your carport or turning your spare bedroom or basement into your new, needed space, consider a new style of shed – from the originator of the Modern-Shed concept, completely separated from your home. Imagine a quiet space for yourself or a space to send the kids to play.”

I think I just decided I need a Modern-Shed home office!

Learn more about Modern-Shed here.