wayWe are in the middle of graduation season, with ceremonies happening all across the country as the newly educated hit the real world. It is inevitable that there will be one or two commencement speakers who will say something that goes viral and will lead to people sharing all the commencement speeches of the past. Well, to help prepare you to be part of this annual exchange, I have found the book, Way More than Luck – Commencement Speeches on Living with Bravery, Empathy, and Other Existential Skills, an anthology of some of the best commencement in recent history.

About Way More Than Luck: “The commencement speech is the most popular public address of our time, shared every spring and remembered for years. Here, in an anthology of some of the finest of the genre, brilliant creative minds in every sector offer their wisdom: David Foster Wallace on living a compassionate life, Debbie Millman on the importance of taking risks, Michael Lewis on the responsibility that good fortune merits—and so many other greats. Some of this advice is grand (believe in the impossible), and some of it is granular enough to check off a life list (donate five percent of your money or your time). All of it is universally uplifting. Handsomely packaged with a cloth spine and energetic typography throughout, this book is a smart, special gift for graduates and anyone embarking on a new adventure.”

I remember many of the speeches I have heard at commencements over the years, and it is fun to flip through this book to see how speakers have used the opportunity to impact the lives of graduates over the years.

Way More Than Luck is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.