a.5This summer, when I start my new adventure as a fading urban hipster who moves to a rural homestead, I plan on having a big vegetable garden.  I have told you about my container gardens in the past, which have been successful on a small scale, but I am very excited to have more space and a real yard to have a proper garden.  I can’t wait.

One of things I want to do is preserve some of what I grow to enjoy all winter.  So I would like to learn about pickling and canning.  With my well-established appreciation of artesian condiments, I am inspired by Rick’s Picks, a Manhattan-based (believe it or not) purveyor of “fourteen varieties of shelf-stable pickles.” All of the pickles Rick makes “are hand-packed and all natural, made in season with produce from local farmers. They bring innovation to a category that hasn’t seen much change in a long time.”

In addition to the cumber variety of pickles, Rick makes other similar products.  I like the sound of Rick’s Handy Corn Relish“Sweet corn is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. With this versatile condiment we call Handy Corn we’ve preserved that pleasure and enhanced it with the delicate heat of fresh aji dolce peppers. Handy Corn tastes great as a relish, a salsa, or with sharp cheddar on crackers or crostini.”

I love the idea of products like these, small batches only available from the manufacturer or in a few retailers.

See all of Rick’s Picks offerings here.