a.8This is quite possibly the coolest home décor product we have found… Tempaper!  Temporary wallpaper!  This is what we have been looking for all of our lives that we didn’t know we were waiting for…

Seriously.  We get bored so quickly and a paint job to change a room is a huge pain – but the idea of temporary wall décor is just, well, perfect!

About Tempaper“Tempaper is a vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor. Our printing process incorporates the traditional technique of gravure or intaglio copper plate engraving with state of the art materials to bring a classic look and feel to the finished product. We are proud to support this artisan method of producing wallpaper that has been used since the latter part of the 19th century.”

There are some really great patterns available from Tempaper, but we particular like the playful prints aimed at the kids’ room.

See all the Tempaper designs in their online store.